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We provide personalized services centered around continuity of care, accessibility, and unnecessary hospitalizations, all while maintaining compassion for every one of our patients. Figuring out how to care for your aging or disabled adult family member can be difficult and frustrating. RR Care Management can serve as a support base and resource along the way. 

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At RR Care Management, we understand the complexity and overwhelming experiences of managing medical and mental health issues, such as chronic medical and mental health conditions, that many family members encounter when caring for their older or disabled adult family members. We understand family members struggle with balancing work and home while trying to manage the care of their aging or disabled adult family member. Let RR Care Management work for your family member.

Perhaps you are feeling exhausted from managing work, home and caring for your parent. Maybe, your parent’s needs are greater than the hours you have in a day.



Does your elderly or disabled adult family member have frequent visits to the emergency department? Or, do you need a professional present at the hospital with her elderly or disabled adult family member to help you better understand what is happening?


Maybe you need additional support and guidance throughout the discharge process from the hospital or rehabilitation program. Perhaps, you need further assistance with coordinating post-discharge medical services, home health needs, or other care services. 


Maybe you are concerned that your elderly family member is taking too many medications, not taking medications as prescribed, or at risk of overdose due to poly-pharmacy.


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