The “Why” Behind Thoughtful Engagement

What is Thoughtful Engagement?

The Thoughtful Engagement® program is an activity program personalized to each individual. This program enhances the quality of life for seniors through personal connection, social enrichment, and lots of fun activities. Our goal is to create an activity plan that is entertaining, meaningful, and engaging.

The personalized engagement plans are created based on your loved one’s strengths, limitations, and personal preferences. Not only do the plans include in-home visits and activities, but they also include special outings that your loved one can help to choose. In addition, all activities are arranged so that your loved one can enjoy them without worry.

Diagnosis, activity level, and disease prognosis do not affect our ability to create an activity plan. A plan can also be created no matter where your loved one is residing (private home, group home, assisted living, long-term facility). The program is adaptable for all levels of cognition, memory, mobility, and overall health, and the program is adjustable as these areas change.

When should you add this service?

It is common to wonder at what point you should consider adding this service. Below are some scenarios that, if you or your loved one fit into, may indicate a good time to add the Thoughtful Engagement program.

Your loved one appears bored.

Boredom strikes everyone, no matter the age. However, the elderly may have a harder time fighting boredom depending on their activity level or general disease progression. The Thoughtful Engagement program provides activities that ensure fewer days filled with boredom and more excitement on what each day may bring.

You have a hard time finding activities that suit your loved one.

It may be hard to find activities that suit both the abilities and preferences of your loved one, and that is where we come in with the Thoughtful Engagement program. We will create an activity plan structured around your loved one’s strengths, limitations, and personal preferences. Not only that, but if your loved one’s interests and abilities change, we will adapt their activity plan to reflect this so that they are always entertained with activities that they can enjoy without worry.

Your loved one is withdrawn and depressed.

In some cases, medical diagnoses can lead to depression due to the anticipation of what may come as the disease progresses. This may cause some seniors to withdraw from their friends and family, furthering the cycle of depression. The Thoughtful Engagement program is an excellent way to ease your loved one back into society and show them that they can still have plenty of fun even with their diagnosis or change in mobility/activity level.

We are excited to add the Thoughtful Engagement program to our list of services provided at RR Care Management. With this program, we aim to offer personalized activities specific to each client’s needs, wants, and abilities. If you are interested in adding the Thoughtful Care program as a service, please reach out so that we can begin creating an activity plan for your loved one that they will spend every day looking forward to.

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