How to Know When to Hire a Care Manager

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Families often find that caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming. Doctor’s appointments, daily care, and hiring care personnel are just some of the tasks required, and many families feel the stress of juggling all these tasks. With an estimated 12 million Americans needing long-term care (1), you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed. A care manager is a powerful tool to lessen your load so that you have more time to enjoy the company of your loved one.

What Does a Care Manager Do?

Care managers are specially trained and licensed professionals who help to make your life easier. A care manager helps you and your family identify what needs to be done for your loved one and assists you in achieving each of these needs. They are there to provide guidance and assistance for everyone in the family, and as a professional, they know how to navigate care management with expertise.

Some of the things which care managers can do include:

  • update family members about their loved ones

  • advise on challenging topics and complicated issues

  • provide support for emotional issues

  • visit the home and suggest necessary services

  • create short- and long-term care plans

  • hire care personnel

  • provide caregiver stress relief

  • facilitate medical services

  • crisis management

  • locate community resources

When Should You Hire a Care Manager?

Deciding when it is time to hire a care manager may be difficult, but a few considerations may assist in your decision.

You are concerned about the health and safety of a loved one.

If you are worried that your loved one may not be able to care for themselves in terms of their health and safety, a care manager will act as a link between the physician and family, looking ahead and planning for any needs that change. They can also provide recommendations for the safety of your loved ones, knowing precisely what to look for.

You live far away.

It can be challenging to manage a loved one’s care from a distance. A care manager will be able to check in on your loved one, ensure that they are receiving proper care, and then report back to you with any information and updates.

You don't know how to care for your loved one.

While caring for your loved one, especially one with a severe or chronic condition, you may realize that you are unsure what the next steps should be or what is needed to provide the best care possible. A care manager will give excellent, professional guidance and will be able to assist you with any decisions that may come up.

You want to know more about the resources available to your loved one.

Care managers know all about available resources, including community resources. They will educate you on all the available options and provide advice on what best suits your loved one’s needs.

For many families, hiring a care manager is the best decision you can make to care for your loved ones. At RR Care Management, we strive to reduce the burden of care you may experience so that you can better manage your days. Caring for loved ones can be overwhelming, but we are here to provide guidance and assistance so that your loved one receives the best care possible.



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