Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my loved one or I need care management?

  • You and other family members live out of state or are too far to provide close supervision.

  • Your loved one lives alone and has limited or no support. 

  • Your family is feeling overwhelmed or confused throughout the management of your loved one’s medical management in the community and hospitalization. 

  • It is considered unsafe for your loved one to live alone in his or her home, and/ or need 24 hour supervision. 

  • You and your family have limited to no time to manage your loved one’s medical care, follow up with medical appointments, unsure about durable medical equipment, etc. 

  • You and your family need assistance with caring for a loved one who is exhibiting behaviors as result of a neurological deficit, disease or disorder. 

  • You and your family cannot decide on the best action plan for the care of your loved one, which is hindering your loved one’s recovery and quality of life.


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Is this service covered under my medical insurance?

No. Unfortunately, most insurers, including Medicare, do not have care management as a covered benefit. Insurers believe that the services provided under care management are considered custodial or for social needs. However, many long term care insurance plans do offer financial assistance for care management services, depending on your long term care insurance policy.


How do I pay for care management services?

Services rendered by your care management are paid by you or the power of attorney, if you have one, or a long term care insurance plan.

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