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Facilitate communication with medical providers and mental health professionals.  Our in-depth experience and knowledge of the complex health care and mental health systems allow us to objectively monitor, make recommendations, and advocate for optimal care and treatment for our clients. We strive to connect our patients to medical providers that understand the needs of aging patients and share the same compassion and integrity we strive for. We have the experience to help facilitate communication between family members, medical providers, community staff, and mental health professionals


Incapacity Assessment

We understand the risk and impact impaired cognition has on a patient and family members. An incapacity assessment completed by a licensed professional helps attorneys and family members determine if legal action should be taken to keep an aging or disabled person safe.


Crisis Prevention and Intervention 

Prevention is always the key, but we understand managing someone’s care and needs appear simple on the surface until an emergency occurs. Life events are unpredictable and often create chaos. We are trained and/or certified professionals that can assist and guide family members through a crisis.

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Health Care Surrogate Services 

Are you an elder person who does not have a family member or anyone you can name as a health care surrogate. Ensuring that your end-of-life wishes are carried out is particularly important. Allow our professional staff to make sure your end-of-life wishes are respected and carried out.


Medication Management

Perhaps you are concerned that your aging parent or disabled adult family member is taking too many medications. RR Care Management coordinates medication management systems to fit the need of our patients. We work with our patients’ medical providers to streamline a management system. We also focus on reducing the number of medications taken, as appropriate.


Hospital or Rehabilitation Discharge Needs

Hospital or rehabilitation discharges are almost never a smooth transition. Let RR Care Management develop an interdisciplinary team by working with hospital staff, rehabilitation staff, and other ancillary services to coordinate post-discharge care for your elder or disabled adult family member.